Become an Instructor

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Instructor of The RESTART® Program! It is our mission to share the empowering knowledge that real health begins with real food. We do this with a strong network of nutrition professionals who understand nutrition from a holistic, omnivorous viewpoint and are ready to teach people how to take back their health simply by changing what is on their plates.


Here at The RESTART® Program, we are proud to share that Jennifer Isenhart, creator and director of the important documentary film, FAT FICTION, was inspired to take action after she took a RESTART® class! Watch her story in the video below. Then please go watch FAT FICTION, now available on Amazon, YouTube, Vimeo and Google Play.

Attract new clients to your practice using a program that delivers proven results.

The RESTART® Program is a complete, ready-to-use curriculum designed specifically for qualified holistic nutrition professionals. We provide you with beautifully designed materials and all the tools you need to offer RESTART® to your community.

You will teach small groups about the powerful impact of a nutrient-dense, whole food, omnivorous diet, educating your participants in each of 5 classes and guiding them through a 3 week sugar detox. The group support dynamic provides a setup for success that brings real, and often profound results!

What's included:

An inspiring 5-week program designed to help you to grow your practice while you educate and empower your participants

A proven, effective curriculum to teach without spending any time or energy to create it

A powerful tool to generate income from the very first day you start teaching it

A quick and steady return on your investment

The Program

Boost your Holistic Nutrition Practice…

  • Increase visibility and revenue
  • Provide a proven, fun-to-teach program with powerful results
  • Enable a supportive environment to empower your clients to take charge of their own health

Watch two Instructors discussing RESTART

The RESTART® Program maintains strict educational criteria for its Instructors to ensure consistent teaching of the RESTART® curriculum.

We welcome graduates of NTA (Nutritional Therapy Association), and other RESTART® approved schools. Click HERE to find out if your program is RESTART® approved.

If you do not see your school on this list, please fill out THIS FORM and we will get back with you shortly to let you know if your school will qualify.

Please note that The RESTART® Program includes education about the benefits of an omnivorous diet.

RESTART® and your practice

The RESTART® Program is a short and sweet program that delivers a great impact. The 5 weeks fly by and the participants can’t believe how much better they feel in such a short time. The general outline of the program is simple, yet thorough. The Instructor Guide takes you through it easily and efficiently.


A great way to attract new clients!

Once word of mouth about The RESTART® Program gets around your community, people will share it with their friends, families and co-workers. Often people return to do it a 2nd or 3rd time. It is also not uncommon for participants of The RESTART® Program to become private clients. There is a natural flow from the group to one-on one work as you will have already established trust, expertise and support through this program so people will feel comfortable and ready to work with you privately on a deeper level. Win-Win!

The Program

Each week of the 5-weeks of the program is mapped out for you to guide your participants through their detox journey. There are purposeful opportunities for each person to be heard and share their experiences and successes. The transformation over the weeks from fearful to empowered is inspiring and wonderfully gratifying to see as a practitioner.


What instructors are saying about RESTART®

Laura Villanti

NTP, RESTART® Instructor

I just want to give a shout out to the goodness of The RESTART® Program and share with those who may be newer NTP's. I absolutely love teaching RESTART®. I have been in the nutritional therapy/gut for over a decade, and I can say the program is first class and is so approachable for the clients. In fact, clients often have much more success in a group like this than they often do individually just because they benefit from peer support. ”

Ann Keating

NTP, RESTART® Instructor

My first class starting Thursday evening is now full and I have one person wait listed. I think the wonderful branding and the tools really helped. I am very grateful for RESTART and the support group”

Katerina Rodriguez

NTC, RESTART® Instructor

I'm currently teaching a class, this is week 4. Last week all the participants were talking about how much they have learned. Listening to them share their stories is super exciting and rewarding. Looking forward to "seeing" them this week! I love teaching RESTART! 💚”

Mitzi Champion

NTP, RESTART® Instructor

Teaching RESTART is an amazing experience and I literally am riding a "joy buzz" from living my passion. I'm telling you (and you already know); we're changing lives. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”