Quick Tip: How to Choose an Avocado

The taste of a perfectly ripe and creamy avocado is unmatched, and can enhance so many recipes. But figuring out when it is in its prime for eating can be a little tricky. Today, RESTART Instructor, Courtney Cronk is sharing a quick tip for how to choose the perfect avocado. How […]

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When “Free” Isn’t Free.

WHEN FREE ISN'T FREE The Hidden Truth Behind Foods Labeled as _Free_ & How to Become a Label Detective

“Fat free!” “Sugar free!” ”Gluten free!” We see these claims in bold letters on many of our packaged food products. They let us know that something we may not want is not in that box or container. But what does it actually mean when something is “free” of something? Let’s […]

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Creative Ways to Build a RESTART®-Friendly Salad

CREATE-A-SALAD Creative ways to build a simple & easy meal.

Summer is almost here and the farmer’s markets, CSAs and your own gardens will be producing a ton of fresh vegetables that are ripe and ready for a summertime favorite – SALAD!  Building a salad might feel daunting and if you’re not sure that you have all the ingredients for […]

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Choose to choose – The RESTART® Rule


One of the first things you learn in a RESTART® class is the RESTART® rule. We always have choices. Starting today, choose to choose.  What does this mean? It means that when you reach for food, you are going to be aware that you are doing it. This does not […]

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When you are overwhelmed and anxious

It is understandably easy to be distracted right now. It is easy to let fear take over. It feels hard to feel safe, in control, or to know what to do/not to do. What I find helps me the most is to take a PAUSE. Take a BREATH. Look at […]

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