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Find Your Community: Build a Circle of Support

Finding Your Community: How to Build a Circle of Support, Friendship and More!

Do you want to make lifestyle changes but feel stuck?  Looking for people who have similar interests who could help you navigate?  Would a group of like minded people help you on your journey?  Or maybe you’re just looking for people to have a cup of coffee or tea with for some connection? That’s why finding your “people” (community, tribe, group, etc.) can be supportive and encouraging.

It might seem overwhelming at first. Here are some tips and a few questions to ask yourself to find a great group for you:


What are your hobbies? Anything new you would like to learn? Does a hiking, yoga, cooking or art class seem fun? Do you tend to work on your own but would like feedback or encouragement?

  • Do you enjoy in-person social interaction?
    • Search for groups in your city. Take an in-person class
    • Find an exercise group or classes at your local community college
    • Volunteer at your local food pantry or animal shelter
    • Find a spiritual community
    • Get to know your neighbors
  • Like the idea of online?
    • Find social media groups that fit your interests.
    • Or take an online class that includes group discussion and support.
    • Tip: Look for one where the top priority is positive interaction.


Are you narrowing your area of focus?  Have you set predetermined factors for what you want and don’t want?  These can be great to keep you comfortable and attract a like-minded community. But remember, most growth happens when we get outside of our comfort zone.

• Open up and envision what would your perfect group would consist of and the people involved.

• Let go of judgement

• Think about what you want and need in a group. 


Are you giving yourself time to warm up to those around you? Have you shared your interests and thoughts?

• Feel free to share ideas in your new group

• Look for people in your group with whom you connect 

• Notice if you prefer an informal or formal nature for a group

Taking time and allowing yourself to be authentic and open can help your circle grow with a new set of people, who offer you the support, community, encouragement and lifelong friendships for which you’ve been searching.

If you’re looking for a supportive group of people on the same journey as you when making real food lifestyle changes, The RESTART® Program may be for you! Our in-person and online classes give you a group setting at a local community space or from the comfort of your own home. You get a high level of support, learning and instruction with a group of people starting right where you are.

For more information, go to and click on Find a Class.

Finding Your Community: How to Build a Circle of Support, Friendship and More!

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