FAQs - RESTART® Instructors


The RESTART® Program maintains strict educational criteria for its Instructors to ensure consistent teaching of the RESTART® curriculum.

We welcome graduates of NTA (The Nutritional Therapy Association), as well as other RESTART® approved schools. Click HERE to find out if your program is RESTART®approved.

If you do not see your school on this list, please fill out THIS FORM and we will get back with you within 3 business days to let you know if your school will qualify.

You already know all the information you are going to be sharing from your training in holistic nutrition. This is why we are so specific about the training you’ve already received.

RESTART® is a ready-to-teach tool for you to use in your practice. Because you are coming in with the knowledge already, you can just jump right in and start teaching RESTART®!

Your primary purposes as the instructor are to educate, guide, and support. To prepare for each class, read through the Instructor Guide and materials for that week’s class. Listen to that week’s recording that guides you through that class. Read through and edit your in-between email for that week as well. If someone asks you a question that you don’t know the answer to, just let them know that you will get that info to them by the following week. Do your research and follow through.

We appreciate that there are a variety of programs in the marketplace that your potential participants can choose from.  Some important differentiators are: 

RESTART® was created by a two-time award winning Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and is therefore based on in-depth training in holistic nutrition. Only qualified holistic nutrition professionals may license and teach this program

Another important difference is that this is a live, interactive class. Whether in-person or online, nothing is pre-recorded,  you are in the room, or in a live online meeting room together, where you all see and hear each other.

Your own educational background in holistic nutrition allows you to answer questions in ways that will be specific to your participants’ needs.

The simple yet powerful nutrition education in RESTART® emphasizes only REAL FOOD utilizing an omnivorous diet. There are no pills, powders, or pre-packaged foods to buy. It is not a promise of a quick fix.

It is not a weight loss or “diet” plan. Participants do not have to read a book to figure it out by themselves and perfection is not required!

RESTART® provides small group support from the Instructor and peers who are all participating at the same time.

It is a personal journey of self-discovery with take-away tools that can be used for a healthier lifetime. RESTART® works!

RESTART® is designed as a set up for success. It is a class with general information that emphasizes healthy blood sugar regulation. The information on digestion, BSR and fats is designed to get people thinking about how their body works, the food they put into it, and how that food affects them.

If people ask questions specific to them (which is inevitable), answer them as generally as possible, but you can also encourage them to work with you privately.

If a person needs to add a specific food back to their program in order for the whole detox to succeed, let them do that. We are striving for progress, not perfection. If someone seems to have higher needs than can be met in the group, you can encourage them to work with you privately. Remember to honor the person over the program, always!

You can start teaching RESTART® very quickly after becoming a licensed Instructor!

After you to read through the “Preparing to Teach” guide, listen to our “Getting Started” recording and go over Week 1 (listen to the Instructional recording and read through your Instructor Guide and participant materials), you will be ready to teach your first classes.

If you prefer to review all of the 5 Weeks’ Instructional trainings first, that works as well.

There is flexibility to suit your needs.

The great news is that RESTART® is ready to teach whenever you are!

Yes. Per our Terms and Conditions: All RESTART® Instructors are responsible for obtaining their own liability insurance. By becoming a licensee of The RESTART® Program you are agreeing that you have or will obtain liability insurance prior to using the program in your practice either in groups or one on one.

Many RESTART® Instructors use and recommend Alternative Balance.  What we love about Alternative Balance is the ease of use and the additional benefits for you when you are a member.

It is an affordable and necessary cost of doing business, and it is there for your protection.

Recommended spaces to hold your in-person RESTART®  classes are: at your workplace, in your home or a participant’s home, at a church/temple, in a meeting room, community center, library multi-purpose room, a fitness or yoga studio, another health care practitioner’s office, etc.

The important thing is to have a space that is comfortable and private for the number of people in your group. You can sit around a table or on couches or chairs.

Yes. At this time all classes are being taught online.

We offer specific trainings on how to teach your RESTART® classes online to address some of the technical aspects of teaching in this format.

When it is safe to hold in-person classes, we encourage Instructors to teach this class in person as well as online – because there is a different “feel” to the class when it is in-person vs. virtually. Online classes must still be taught “live.”

Recording RESTART® for any reason is not allowed.

The small group element is important so that everyone has opportunities to share and to give and receive support.

The recommended size for your group is between 4 and 10 people. That said, it has been taught successfully to just 1-3 at a time, or up to about 12. You will find that each group has its own dynamic.

It is strongly recommended that you do it at least once for the full 3 weeks so you have the personal experience of going through it. It will give you more compassion and empathy for the participants going through it. Your personal experiences can be helpful to inspire and encourage your groups.

This is highly dependent on your location and other factors. Typically Instructors charge anywhere between $150 and $500 per participant. It may take a while to find the right amount for you.

Remember that the participants are getting so much value from this class – an education about their body, a guided sugar detox that is done safely and is fully supported, and a qualified holistic nutrition professional to answer their questions and explain things to them personally and directly.

You are also keeping in contact with them between the weekly classes via the emails that you send (that are included in the program). The real value they receive from all of this is better health and quality of life. Those are priceless.

Yes. There are “alumni” (as we call previous participants) who repeat this program 2, 3 or even more times. Often they learn things they missed, or they hear things in a different way than the first time they participated.

Many find the group dynamic and accountability of showing up each week to play a big part in their success. RESTART® is something that people can do over and over again.

One can live quite well and feel really good eating from the “EAT THESE FOODS” list.

RESTART® is something that people can do over and over again and benefit from it each time.

It is a nice gesture to offer a discount to “alumni” participants. You can offer them a percentage off or reduced dollar amount. Alumni can be a great asset to the group and help new people feel more comfortable. It is always great to offer them a discount as a thank you for returning and/or bringing new people into the group.

For in-person classes: You will need to print out all the Week 1 materials for each group. Judge how many you need by the number of people who sign up and then add a few more as there may be walk-ins. After Week 1, it is up to you as the instructor to decide if you want to print out each week for the participants or to send them via email as pdfs. You will need to download the materials to your computer before you do this. It is still recommended to print out a few copies of each week’s materials as, participants may forget theirs, or not want to print theirs, etc. You can give them the copies to keep from class or ask that they return them at the end of class for your future use. That’s your call. Participants will often mark up their pages with notes, highlights, etc., so do encourage them to print their own, if you do not provide them in print form.

For online classes: You will send the materials via email before each class.

Yes! The RESTART® Cookbook is a collaborative effort of several RESTART® Instructors. It is not required, but it is a wonderful and valuable addition for your participants.

In addition to our cookbook, there are so many recipes out there that are fitting, in cookbooks as well as on the internet. We have our own RESTART® Pinterest board where you will find many recipes along with other resources, and there are many additional RESTART® themed Pinterest boards that have been created by instructors and enthusiastic participants alike.

We suggest that you encourage your participants to search for recipes with the food lists in mind. Learning to look for recipes with appropriate ingredients and trying new things is part of the journey, not just for the 3 week detox, but for life!

Feel free to share your favorite recipes and resources with your groups and encourage them to discover and share their new favorites.

Yes! We have created our own journal to to help our participants make the connection between the food they eat and how they feel. With two pages per day,  there is plenty of space for food and habit tracking, plus reflections and discoveries made along the way, all in one handy book. This is also a great tool to use with private clients.

Yes. You will qualify for 7 Business Development CEUs.

Please note that the CEUs given from The RESTART® Program count for Business Development, not continuing nutrition education.

The RESTART® Program is a single-licensed program. This means that all Instructors of The RESTART® Program are required to obtain their own individual license and only licensed Instructor may use this material. It may not be sold, shared, et al, in any way with a non-licensed person(s).

Two  licensed Instructors may co-teach the program together.

The RESTART® Program may not be used as a platform to promote or market any outside products or services (with the exception of your 1:1 nutrition services if you offer them).

If circumstances allow you to offer cooking demonstrations or grocery store tours that would be beneficial to your participants, you must make it clear that they are separate and an ADDITION to RESTART® and not part of the program (and should not be required). You should also charge for them separately.

There are no additional fees to maintain your license.

Yes! Only RESTART® Instructors are eligible for affiliate status and compensation.

Word of mouth is the best advertiser and we always appreciate our Instructors sharing their enthusiasm for RESTART® with others. When someone becomes an Instructor, they need to list the current Instructor who referred them. As an Instructor, there is no limit to the number of people you may refer, but only one current Instructor may be named per new Instructor.