FAQs - Participants


We appreciate that there are a variety of programs out there that you can choose from. An important difference is that RESTART® was created by a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and is therefore based on in-depth training in holistic nutrition. Another important difference is that this is a live, interactive class. Whether in-person or online, nothing is pre-recorded. You are in the room, or in a live online meeting where you all see and hear each other, The holistic nutrition training of your Instructor allows them to answer your questions in ways that will be specific to your needs. The simple yet powerful nutrition education in RESTART® uses only REAL FOOD. There are no pills, powders, or pre-packaged foods to buy. It is not a promise of a quick fix. It is not a weight loss or “diet” plan. You do not have to read a book to figure it out by yourself, and perfection is not required! RESTART® provides small group support from the instructor and peers who are all participating at the same time. It is a personal journey of self-discovery with tools you can use for a healthier lifetime. RESTART® works!

Your instructor will be in communication with you prior to the beginning of the class to confirm the time and location and give you a few tips about getting the most out of the class. The first session is all about preparation so you do not need to be ready to begin the actual eating plan until week two.

The RESTART® Program is designed as part education, part sugar detox and part support group, an empowering combination. Groups are 4-10 participants in size. The instructor provides information in a casual discussion format with printed materials for your reference. Interaction and sharing is encouraged to enhance the supportive nature of the program. If you choose an online class, you will also experience similar interaction in a virtual classroom where participants can still see and hear each other. There is also opportunity in between sessions for group communication through email or private Facebook groups.

Each class is 90 minutes. Time spent at home will include shopping for and preparing your choice of delicious meals based on the approved food lists provided in the first session. Keeping a food journal is also highly recommended. This is all about discovering how the food you eat affects your body. There are no shakes, pills or gimmicks, just real food. This program gives you the opportunity to tune into your body and discover how good you can feel.

The class is designed to teach foundational information pertaining to digestion, blood sugar regulation, and the importance of choosing healthy forms of dietary fat for overall health. Beginning with these foundations goes a long way toward supporting any healing journey. As a qualified nutrition professional, your Instructor is well versed in helping individuals with more specific health challenges, but that level of support is best suited for individual consultation. Talk to your Instructor about making an appointment.

Participants who commit to coming to every class session, doing the sugar detox and applying the concepts learned in class will get the most benefit out of the program. Giving your body a chance to respond to real nutrient dense food, while taking a break from sugar for three weeks can be a powerful learning experience. Many participants want to keep eating this way for life! We do know that change is hard and you are ultimately in charge of your level of participation. The education is valuable information, so even if you are not yet ready to go “all-in” on the sugar detox, just being there listening, and learning will be a valuable experience. You can also take RESTART® again (as many times as you wish!) when you are ready to go further with the experience.

It is possible for a vegetarian to do the RESTART® program if you are willing to eat eggs, dairy or small amounts of fish. Some slight modification to the food lists to allow more legumes, rice and quinoa will make the program doable and still allow for adequate protein. Some instructors have reported beautiful successes with vegetarian participants. This program is not suitable for a strict vegan.

Each RESTART® participant is unique, and we respect that. RESTART® is designed as a set up for success. The program omits many of the most common inflammatory foods, so most people do quite well with the allowed foods. Work with your instructor to determine substitutes. Due to certain foods allowed on the program do not work for you due to allergies, sensitivities etc. Tips are given for the busy professional or the inexperienced cook who may need faster simpler recipes. We are striving for progress, not perfection!

RESTART® is designed to be taught to a group of about 4 to 10 people. The instructor acts as a facilitator to lead the discussion.  Each person has an opportunity to contribute to the conversation, be heard and supported, but no one is put on the spot if they prefer to just listen. After a couple of sessions, most groups feel like a small gathering of friends.

Please use the “Find a Class” feature here. Input your zip code to start your search. If you prefer an online class experience, choose Online Classes and search by Date range.

Yes, anyone can enjoy the cookbook. You can purchase additional copies here.

There are so many recipes out there that are fitting, in cookbooks as well as on the internet. There is an official RESTART® Pinterest board and many others that have been created by instructors and enthusiastic participants alike. Search for recipes with the food lists in mind. Part of the journey is to learn to look for appropriate ingredients and try new things, not just for the 3 week detox, but beyond! The recipes in the RESTART® cookbook are just a tiny fraction of what you can make. As you discover new favorites, feel free to share them with on Facebook and be sure to tag The RESTART® Program.

There are people who repeat this program 2, 3 or even 4 times over the course of a year or more. They find the group dynamic and accountability of showing up each week to be a big part in their success. RESTART® is something that people can do over and over again. One can live quite well and feel really good eating from the “EAT THESE FOODS” list. Each time one does this program, it will become easier and the healing will go deeper.

We love to hear that you enjoyed the RESTART® Program and you want your friends to share the experience! If you choose, you can submit a success story to your instructor or directly to the RESTART® Website. Your instructor will greatly appreciate it when you refer your local friends to their upcoming classes. Some RESTART® “alumni” choose to take the class again, and/or invite a group of friends or family to do it together! For sharing with others outside of your local area, you can point them to the RESTART® Website “Find a class” Directory. New in-person and online classes are posted frequently. Don’t forget to “like” and follow The RESTART® Program on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Sharing the helpful content you will find in all of these places is yet another way to spread the word about The RESTART® Program!