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Help with Holiday Sugar Overload

Help with Holiday Sugar Overload

The last two months of the year are typically filled with overindulgence and this year is no exception. It can be a challenge when it comes to navigating what to eat and what not to eat, especially if you are following a specific lifestyle plan.  But what if you gave yourself grace and to be mindful of what you are consuming, making conscious choices and what you know feels best for you.

We at RESTART® have put together a list of tips to help you navigate the holiday season and beyond. See what works for you. Remember, the most important part of this beautiful time is connection. If you cant be physically together, a phone call, video chat or group game meetup on zoom can be a great way to connect.

Here are some simple strategies to help you make your best choices and avoid that sugar spike and crash:

1. Make all your choices conscious ones. If you decide to eat more than you usually would, that is your choice. Know that there may be consequences, and let that be ok. It won’t do you any good to beat yourself up or feel guilty for your choices.

2. Don’t “starve” yourself all day or “save up your calories.” That really doesn’t make any sense if you think about it. It’s better to eat your regular meals and enjoy them.

3. Before you take that first bite, take a few slow, deep breaths and make sure you are in a relaxed state. This is the only way you can properly digest that scrumptious food. Saying grace or sharing things you are thankful for can also help you get to that relaxed state.

4. When you do start eating, chew, chew, chew your food! Really taste and appreciate those wonderful flavors. This will also help your digestive system work more effectively.

5. Drink water before the meal begins. Then sip small amounts of your beverage of choice during the meal, but try not to drink too much (of anything) during or immediately after the meal. It dilutes your digestive juices.

6. If you choose to enjoy sugary sweets, really enjoy them. Notice the taste, notice how sweet they are, enjoy them thoroughly, then be done.

7. Above all, enjoy your time with family and friends. While the food often takes center stage, let your focus be on the people you are with. Give someone a genuine compliment. Tell them something about themselves that you really admire. We often get so focused on the things that “have to get done,” that we forget why we’re doing them in the first place. By all means, enjoy the wonderful food, but really be present and enjoy the day and the people.

8. Keep hydrated with water throughout the day and move your body. Take a walk, build a snowman, dance, or move however your body likes. But do move. Even just a little. Your body, heart, mind and spirit will thank you.

So, count your blessings, hydrate, enjoy nutrient-dense meals, move your body, and most importantly, take good care of yourself!

Sending you all blessings for a healthy and happy holiday season. The RESTART® Team

If you’d like, please download this as a free pdf.


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