Tri-fold Brochure

Get the RESTART® Tri-fold Brochure to Promote Your Classes!

This fillable tri-fold brochure is a great way to get the word out about your RESTART® classes.  Once you purchase the brochure, a file will be emailed to you.

Follow the instructions below to customize the brochure and have it printed.

Attention Mac Users: Be sure to download Adobe Acrobat Reader. “Preview” will not function properly.

This process does require some tech-savviness. If you are having trouble adding your picture or text, visit your local printer for assistance. They are usually happy to help!

For Instructors outside the United States, there is an A4 version available that is compatible for most countries.  To request an A4 version, forward your receipt to us, and we’ll send you a new link.

Click here to purchase for $9.99

Click here to see a sample

Tri-fold Brochure Directions

Tri-fold Brochure Video Tutorial