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Shannon Flood

Shannon Flood

Hello! Thanks for visiting my profile page. I'm Shannon and I'm a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. As someone who has been in the healthcare space for over 20 years, I've not only seen the negative effects that sugar and processed foods can have on our health, I've lived it! Years of grab and go meals and using sugar as a crutch to get through my stressful days left me drained, sluggish and anxious. Through eating real, whole food, I regained my energy, rediscovered what a good night's sleep felt like and never looked back. I want to help you feel the same!

Classes are led by a team of Two Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioners. Along with the 5 classes, your registration fee includes the RESTART Cookbook and a 30 minute one to one consultation with an instructor to discuss your personal health concerns and questions.


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