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The Big Fat Lie Documentary

The Big Fat Lie Film

It all started when a woman named Jennifer Isenhart took a RESTART® class from Instructor Kendy Radasky. Jennifer really got a lot out of the class and was especially moved by the information she learned about Fats. In fact, “The RESTART® program is what launched Jennifer’s own personal inquiry and journey on a path to greater health.

As it happens, Jennifer is an award winning documentary filmmaker! She decided to do what she does best.

Jennifer created the film, BIG FAT LIE. It will be narrated by Dr. Mark Hyman and have interviews with experts like Gary Taubes, Dr. David Perlmutter, Dr. William Sears, Dr. Terry Wahls, and Sally Fallon, among others. Parts of Kendy’s RESTART® classes were filmed (with permission from us and all of the participants involved) and excerpts of those will be included in the documentary along with an interview with Kendy!

The film is expected to be completed by the end of this year (2019).

RIGHT NOW there is an Indigogo Campaign going on to raise funds to complete the film. Please take a moment to check out this film in greater detail. It is going to be so powerful for so many!

Help spread the word about this important documentary!

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