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The RESTART® Journal: Your ‘secret weapon’ for food, mood and motivation

The RESTART® Journal: A three-month daily journal for food, mood and motivation.

At RESTART®, we know that the single, most powerful tool you can use to move toward better health is so simple that people often dismiss it or forget to use it. We’re talking, of course, about the Food Journal.

When you participate in The RESTART® Program, you are encouraged to use a Food Journal. Not just to record what you eat and drink. Yes, that’s important. Doing so brings accountability and awareness – without judgment – to help you understand how the food you eat affects your body and overall health. But that’s really just the beginning…

We call our Food Journal our SECRET WEAPON, but, of course, it’s not a secret at all!

RESTART®’s Lead Instructor Mentor, Lisa Havens of Real Vibrance, LLC, shares her insights:

“This is the best way to help you pay attention to your food choices, your hydration, your body signals and symptoms, your habits, your moods and more.

We take all these things for granted but when we write them down, we can begin to connect the dots between what and how often we eat, and how we feel. If you do it consistently, you can begin to learn to discern habit versus hunger, the effects of foods on energy levels, mental stamina, and inflammation, You may even find out that certain foods are not received well (food sensitivities) and so much more. It’s like being a private investigator for your own health.”

If you have trouble keeping on track with a healthy lifestyle, or wonder if what you eat affects your digestion, your mood or motivation, then the RESTART® Journal will remove the mystery and help you see, in black and white, what’s working and what’s not, what’s missing and what you are doing well. By recording what you eat and how you feel, along with other important information, and also reflecting on your day and what made YOU feel good, you will start to make connections that will be your guide to your best health.

So how do you use it? 

Each day has a two-page spread that tracks a variety of things. On one page, you will focus on mostly the physical stuff. On the other page, it looks at the habits you keep and allows you to reflect on the choices you make each day, along with your physical activity, good habits, and how you take care of yourself.

These positive connections are a way to discover how to feel your best everyday.

The RESTART® Journal

Even though The RESTART® Program is only 5 sessions, you can use this three-month daily journal to track your progress and make connections. And with two pages per day, you have plenty of space for food and habit tracking, plus reflections and discoveries you make along the way, all in one handy book to take with you wherever you go.

Let this powerful tool of self discovery help you connect to yourself.

The RESTART® Journal: A three-month daily journal for food, mood and motivation.

To order a copy for you, go here. Better yet, purchase one for you and a friend and share. Support is always helpful when you share with someone else.

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