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Vitamin N – Nature

What’s the first word you think of when you hear “Vitamin N?” There are many nutrients that start with the letter N but one that you may not think of as readily is Nature. There are so many positives to enjoy in our natural resources – parks, rivers, streams, hiking and biking trails – yet many of us don’t think to unplug and go outside as a way to nourish ourselves. 

Let’s check out some ways to enjoy nature.

Connecting with nature – Breathing fresh air, listening to the sounds of the wind rustling the leaves of trees and forest, and enjoying the beauty of the flora and fauna can help us relax and be present with the gifts of nature. How would it feel to take a leisurely walk in the woods or on a beach? Or even to lay a blanket down on a patch of grass and watch the clouds go by…

Getting a little sun – The sun not only warms us, but provides a vehicle to assist our body in producing vitamin D. Around 20 minutes can have a significant benefit to our overall well-being.

Earthing – Sometimes we can take a trip to a river or stream, but walking or standing barefoot on the ground, whether it be grass, mud or sand, helps us “ground” or “earth” ourselves. 

Bring nature inside. Let’s face it, some days it’s cold, rainy, snowy or too hot or cold. But there are ways to let the outside in. If you can’t get outside, you can bring in houseplants, rocks or a table fountain to mimic natural elements. A few river rocks on a tray under your desk can provide a grounding place for your feet while you work. Plants can bring in that green and provide oxygen. And a table fountain can mimic the sounds of a stream.

Music and nature sounds – There are also great apps and music tracks on your favorite streaming channel that bring nature sounds to you. Whether it’s a rainstorm, birds chirping or the sounds of a babbled brook, these all can give you a sense of our natural resources.

Give yourself permission to take a break every day to go outside, even for 5-10 minutes. Or choose your favorite nature-sounds app or songs and dedicate 5-10 minutes every day to tune out of your to-do list and just be.

Whatever you choose, make it something you enjoy!   

Category: Mindset, Self Care

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