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When you are overwhelmed and anxious

It is understandably easy to be distracted right now. It is easy to let fear take over. It feels hard to feel safe, in control, or to know what to do/not to do.

What I find helps me the most is to take a PAUSE. Take a BREATH. Look at what is literally in front of me. To BE HERE NOW.

I look out the window and the sun is shining. I hear birds busily chatting in the trees. I see squirrels and chipmunks. I see buds popping up letting me know that daffodils will be here soon.

These things are happening as they always do around this time of year. They are unaffected by the news. Really noticing them, observing them, and experiencing them helps me feel CONNECTED.

The cycle of life is continuing as it does. That helps me feel PEACE.

We are all in this together. That unto itself is beautiful, powerful, and healing. You are not alone. I am not alone. There is enormous good happening all around us and we can be a part of that.


  Yours in good health, 

Jeni Hall, Creator of The RESTART® Program


Category: Mindset

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