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Wherever you are in this journey, it’s OK

Wherever you are in this journey, you’re going to be OK.

We’re reminded of a great quote from a favorite movie…

The fact of the matter is, it’s not “business as usual” right now. But it won’t be like this forever.

Right now, some people just need to be still, and perhaps aren’t motivated or feeling inspired to take action. That’s OK.

Others may be on fire to accomplish new goals, get organized work on the best versions of themselves.  That’s OK, too.

There is no one right way. Wherever you are, know that it’s OK, and know that how you feel, what you will be inspired to do, and how you will want to do it will change. Now is just right now.

Be gentle with yourself, really honor what YOU need to do.
Sometimes it is only through being still that we find our greatest inspiration.

Enjoy this tasty RESTART-friendly recipe for Italian Turkey Meatball Vegetable soup from the kitchen of Healthy Decadence that will warm you through and through.


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